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Kingdom (SUB)

Type: Spring

Plot Summary: Born during the Warring States period of ancient China, Xin and Piao are war-orphans working as servants in a poor village in the kingdom of Qin. However, they dream to become the "Great Generals of the Heavens" and train daily. One day, Piao is taken to the palace for an unknown purpose by a minister and Xin is left behind. A few months later, Piao returns to the village on the verge of death, urging Xin to travel to another village. There, Xin meets a boy nearly identical to Piao, Ying Zheng the current King of Qin. Xin learns that Piao served as a body double for Ying Zheng and was mortally wounded in a power struggle for the throne. Though initially furious at Ying Zheng for causing Piao's death, Xin decides to seize the opportunity and aids Ying Zheng in ousting his younger half-brother Cheng Jiao and reclaiming the Qin throne. Successful in this endeavor, Xin starts his military life as a Qin soldier and then commander on the battlefields of the warring states of China. He relentlessly pursues his goal of becoming the "Greatest General in the World", also helping King Zheng of Qin achieve his dream of unification to end the incessant warfare once and for all.

Directed by : Jun Kamiya (#1–38), Akira Iwanaga (#39–77), Kenichi Imaizumi (#78–)
Produced by : Izumi Nakazawa (#1–77), Mirai Miyamoto (#78–), Ryōsuke Hagiwara (#78–), Tomokazu Iizumi (#78–), Ryōsuke Mori (#78–)
Written by : Naruhisa Arakawa (#1–77), Noboru Takagi (#78–)
Music by : Minako Seki (#1–77), Hiroyuki Sawano (#78–), Kohta Yamamoto (#78–)
Studio: Pierrot Studio Signpost (#78–)
Licensed by : Funimation, Mighty Media
Original network : NHK BS Premium, NHK General TV

No .of Seasons: 03
Released: 2012

Status: Ongoing

Other name: キングダム

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