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Kyoukai Senki

Kyoukai Senki(SUB)

Plot Summary: In the mid-20th century, due to economic crisis and a collapsing birthrate, Japan was on the verge of becoming a failed state. In response, foreign nations sent forces to intervene. However, foreign intervention quickly became a foreign occupation, and the competing foreign nations started the destructive Boundary War, fought with autonomous drone mecha called AMAIMs. By the year 2061, the Boundary War has ended but Japan has been divided into four occupied zones where native Japanese are treated like second-class citizens. In the wake of the resulting social upheaval and unrest, a young boy named Amō Shiiba stumbles across an abandoned AMAIM called Kenbu and a rogue autonomous AI named Gai. With Kenbu and Gai, Amō has the opportunity to change the course of history for both himself and the entire nation of Japan.

Directed by: Nobuyoshi Habara
Written by: Noboru Kimura
Produced by : Hiroki Komatsu Yoshikazu Beniya
Music by : Rasmus Faber
Studio : Sunrise Beyond
Licensed by : Funimation (outside Asia)
Original network : TV Tokyo, MBS TV, BS11

No .of Seasons: 01

Released: 2021
Status: Ongoing

Other name: 境界戦機

Kyoukai senki