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Type: Fall 2019 Anime,Winter 2021 Anime

Plot Summary:Legoshi, a large gray wolf, is a timid and quiet student of Cherryton Academy where he lives in a dorm with several other carnivorous students including his outgoing Labrador friend, Jack. As a member of the school's drama club, Legoshi works as a stagehand and supports the actors of the club headed by the star pupil Louis, a red deer. Out of nowhere, Tem the alpaca is brutally murdered and devoured in the night, setting off a wave of unease and distrust between the herbivore and carnivore students. At the same time, Legoshi has a fateful encounter with Haru, a small dwarf rabbit who has been in love with Louis, and begins developing complex feelings for her..

Directed by : Shin'ichi Matsumi
Produced by : Shunsuke Hosoi, Hyuntae Kim, Kiyotaka Waki, Yoshinori Takeeda
Written by : Nanami Higuchi
Music by : Satoru Kōsaki
Studio : Orange
Licensed by : Netflix
Original network : Fuji TV (+Ultra), TNC, KTV, THK, UHB, BS Fuji

Genre: Drama , Psychological , Shounen , Slice of Life

No .of Seasons: 02

No .of Episodes: 24

Released: 2019

Status: Completed

Other name: BEASTARS 2期